Building and Managing Your Quiz

When creating a quiz it is important to remember there are two main parts; creating the quiz ‘front cover’ and the questions themselves – which are stored in the question bank. This article will show you how to add questions to the quiz, some basic editing and obtaining statistics about your quiz.

We recommend Creating a Quiz first then proceeding with these instructions.


Adding Questions To Your Quiz

1)  Create your quiz first if you haven't already

2) To add your questions to your quiz, first navigate to the your quiz page

3) Select 'edit quiz' from the administration tab

4) Select the ‘add’ drop down button and select 'from question bank'. To select randomly refer to Creating a Randomised Quiz

5) Select the category from which you want to select questions from

6) Add multiple questions by: You can then select multiple questions by selecting the check boxes then the ‘add selected questions to the quiz’

Or add one at a time by clicking the ‘+’ sign on the left of the quiz question

Reordering / Editing a Quiz

1) You can also edit the quiz once it is populated with questions by going to 'edit quiz' when on the quiz page

2) The page break button adds page breaks

3) There is a drag and drop button to reorder questions as well

Quiz Statistics Report

Once your quiz has been completed by students you can also access a more in-depth statistics report.

1) This can be done by first navigating to the quiz page then in the Quiz Administration box selecting 'Results' and then 'Statistics.

2) Select where you want the statistics calculated from on the drop down menu and then click show report

3) A report similar to this should be produced 

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