The Gradebook

These pages support the use of the gradebook to record student grades.


About the Gradebook

This support page introduces the gradebook.


These pages discuss the role of categories in the gradebook.

Gradebook Structures

These pages discuss the different configuration structures that can be implemented in the gradebook, and when you might use each one.


These pages support the management of weighting in the gradebook.

  • Weighting Activities Within a Category

    This support page describes how to weight activities within a category.  This is only necessary if you have more than one activity within a category.  It also highlights how categories can be weighted.

  • Gradebook Weightings

    This support page describes how to manually weight categories in the gradebook.

  • Using Grade Calculations

    Grade calculations may be necessary as an alternative to the assessment regime or weighting when setting up a class gradebook in Myplace.

  • Rounding results in the Gradebook

    This page describes how to round off your results in the gradebook.


These pages discuss visibility as a tool to control when and how marks and feedback are released to students.

Mark Codes

This support page describes how to use mark codes in the 2019 gradebook.

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