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An MSc dissertation student is missing from the marks return class list

A student is not listed in the marks return class page for an MSc dissertation class.

A second marks return has been created where only one is needed

Two marks returns for one class code, for the same exam board have been created.

A student is on my marks return who I know has taken Voluntary Withdrawal

One of my students took Voluntary Withdrawal, but still appears on my marks return.

Can I batch returns for a class code without the original grades becoming a second attempt?

If I was to return 10 marks from a class of 30, then a month later return the other 20 marks, would the first batch of 10 marks be overwritten, or (wrongly) show a 2nd attempt?

Can I give extra time to a quiz that is in progress?

You can give students extra time for quizzes ahead of the quiz being available (e.g. for students with reasonable adjustments), but you can also change the time limits for a user doing a quiz whilst the quiz is in progress.

In the same way as you would give a user override ahead of time, if you set up a user override whilst the quiz is in progress, the student's time limit will update on the next page load from Myplace.

Copyright Information

This page contains information pertaining to copyright.

Do Students get Zoom Accounts?

As a member of University Staff or as a Student a Zoom account is provisioned for you using your University Email Address.

To access this you should login to Zoom either via https://strath.zoom.us/ or by using the Sign in via SSO option in your Zoom client and using strath as the SSO domain.

Strathclyde Zoom web portal

Do you have information about online exam boards?

This page contains links to information about online exam boards.

Duplicate Registration Numbers Found

You may receive this error when uploading grades to the grade book via the Strath CVS Grade import tool.

Duplicate Registration Numbers found when uploading to gradebook

In some cases Myplace may have more than one profile that matches a Registration Number.

Error: "A result has been entered directly onto the Student Record, mark cannot be accepted"


When reviewing the status of a marks return this message is displayed when hovering over the warning triangle.


Error: 'Exception - Argument 3 passed to gradereport...'

When starting a new marks return, I get the error 'Exception - Argument 3 passed to gradereport_ema\local\marks\grade_band_group\grade_band::__construct() must be of the type float, null given, called in [dirroot]/grade/report/ema/classes/local/data_provider/oracle_examboard_data_provider.php on line 363'.

Error: Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but a one was sent from VLE

After sending a marks return and recieving a notification of failed returns, the Return Status for student shows "Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but one was sent from VLE"


The problem appears when a forthcoming exam board is not set up or Myplace has out of date board data for the return

Error: Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but one was not sent from VLE

I get the error warning "Results have been assigned to an exam board meeting, but one was not sent from VLE".

Error: 'RUL Code does not exist'

When trying to transfer my marks return, I get the error 'RUL Code does not exist'.

Error: 'You do not have access to the gradebook for this class, so are unable to configure gradebook columns.'

Trying to pull gradebook columns through via setting on the class page, I am prevented by this error.

How can I check if students can see an assignments' grade and feedback?

This is a quick checklist of things to look at to see if students can view their grade and feedback for assignments.

How can I return EX code classes?

I need to return some marks for EX code classes, but it doesn't appear in my marks return classes and I can't get the role.

How can I see the visibility of grade items easily?

One of the useful preferences you can set in your Grader Report Preferences will display additional icons indicating the visibility state of grade items.

How can I set up and adjust the email notifications on my profile?

You want to change the notifications you get via email.

How can I share a Zoom meeting with 2 different Class Codes?

There may be cases where you wish to share a single Zoom meeting with students from multiple class codes.

Class Codes share a Myplace Site

Where the class codes have already been joined in to a Single Myplace class site, Zoom meeting activities that are set up may be available to all, or some, of the enrolled users in the site.

How Can I Take Attendance?

Myplace offers an Attendance module. This is a 3rd party plugin that allows staff to define sessions that students are expected to attend.

How can I view Myplace using 'incognito' or 'private browsing' to see what my page looks like?

You want to view your page as a person not logged in to Myplace.

How do I create a Myplace site for a specialty cohort of students?

I want to set up a Myplace site for a specific group of students, for a particular learning activity.  Can I do that?  How?

How do I find classes that I am eligible to enrol onto?

You can't find a list of classes that you may enrol onto.

How do I "fix" an incorrect question?

Sometimes you will find that a question in a quiz is incorrect. This could mean that it has no correct answer, or it maybe was just too confusing to students to be able to understand clearly.

In these situations you may want to "fix" the issue but without penalising the students who may have got it right.

How do I give group marks but my assignment is in individual submission mode?

Sometimes you will find that an assignment activity has been set up in individual submission mode, instead of group submission mode. It is not possible to switch submission modes once students have made a submission. 

This article will run through the steps necessary to give each student a group mark, when the activity is in individual submission mode.

How do I log out of Myplace?

There is no explicit logout option in Myplace.

Your login session to Myplace will end when one of the following occurs:

  1. You do not load a page from Myplace for 2 hours (see How long are Myplace Sessions? for more information)

How do I pre-assign Myplace Groups in Zoom

This article outlines how to take group memberships from your Myplace class and pre-assign the group members into Zoom breakout rooms

How do I remove or replace a mark that's been transferred to student records?

I have transferred incorrect data. How can I remove it / transfer a correction?

How long are Myplace Sessions?

When you log in to Myplace you start a login session, which is by default 2 hours long.

However every time you navigate to a different page in Myplace this session is extended to 2 hours.

This means that if you do not  load another page for 2 hours, you will end up logged out.

I can't find my class code in marks return

On the front admin page of the marks return system, the class code I am marks returner for is missing from the list given on the drop-down menu.

I can't return a mark as there is a padlock

Instead of the mark and mark code boxes, there is a grey padlock preventing me from returning a mark.

I can't see any of the editing buttons on my Myplace class

You can't see any of the editing features on your Myplace page. You are logged in.

I can't see any submissions to grade

Sometimes you may find when accessing an assignment you cannot see anything to grade. There are a couple of reasons that could cause this.

I can't seem to view my originality report, but I have already submitted my assignment

You have submitted an assignment but you haven't received an originality report back. 

I have received the following error: "Privacy Error: You connection is not private (NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID)"

You have received the above error. You need to clear your browser's HSTS cache.

In marks return, the green tick doesn't work

Clicking the green tick to transfer marks pulled from the gradebook column to the boxes does nothing, or only transfers the first one.

I receive a 'Loading Error' message on Safari when I try to use Turnitin. What should I do?

Recently some Mac Users have reported an error message when trying to access Turnitin reports via Myplace when using Safari. 

I've received a TurnitinUK Paper View Request

As an instructor on a class you may receive emails from Turnitin with the subject "TurnitinUK Paper View Request". This outlines what this is and what you can and should do in response.

You do not have to respond to the request to see the matched content, and there is no obligation to share it.

Marks Return FAQs

This is the collection of Marks Return FAQs.

Marks return upload fails with 'Coding error detected...'

Marks return upload fails with 'Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: Unknown file type'

Microsoft Stream FAQ

What is Microsoft Stream?

You may have heard Microsoft Stream described as an organisational YouTube. Microsoft Stream is a web-based service which allows people in an organisation to upload, view and share video content. Help guides can be found in the MyPlace staff support pages.

Can people external to the institution view Microsoft Stream content?

My banner image doesn't cover the full available width on the screen

You want your banner image to cover the full width of the space.

My class list is incorrect

Your class list or another staff members class list is in incorrect within Myplace.

My marks return shows a cross when it has been transferred

On the marks return admin page, there is a cross under transfer when I know I have successfully transferred the return.

No compatible source was found for this media


Where audio files have been embedded into a Myplace page the following is displayed:

This may occur in Safari if the audio file format is not supported, such as the OGG audio format.

One of my marks returns has a triangle instead of the green tick

I have saved and/or transferred my marks, but one (or more) of the returns has a triangle next to it.

Some of my embedded content from other sites doesn't show in Myplace. Why not?

On your browser, the Myplace URL now begins with HTTPS. You want to know why, and how it effects embedded content from other sites.

Some Students do not appear in the Offline Grading Worksheet, what should I do?

After downloading offline grading worksheet, you can't see some students

Student Appears as Suspended in Myplace Class

Myplace class sites can get their students from a range of different sources, and their status on these source systems can impact whether or not they appear in Myplace.

A common symptom is that you will see in the Class Participants view and the Class Administration > Users > Enrolled users page, students appearing as Suspended:

The marks return Validation Report is unreadable

I want to use the validation report to check my marks return, but it has given me all the data on one line and is unusable.

The search box in marks return doesn't find my return

Using the search box at the top of the marks return admin page, I can't find my marks return.

What happens in Myplace when a student goes in to Voluntary Suspension

When a student enters voluntary suspension a number of things may happen to their presence in Myplace Class sites.

What should I do if I cannot see a student's submission within an assignment submission list?

You can't see some students that you know are in the class on the list of submissions within an assignment activity.

What's the difference between Calculated Weight and Contribution to course total??"

Contribution to Course Total is what percent is earned toward a final grade with a particular grade item.

Please note the difference between this and Calculated Weight: Calculated Weight is the potential, while Contribution is what has actually been earned.

When I search for a class code it displays "Nothing to Display"


When you type a classcode in to the search bar, it fails with the message "Nothing to display":


Why can't I create a site?

The Create a Site option on the Myplace Help menu allows users to create a number of different sites on Myplace. However not all users can make use of this facility.

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