Marks Return

These pages support the use of the new marks return system (implemented November 2019), homed within Myplace.

It is strongly recommended that you carefully read the articles below and consult with colleagues who have undertaken training in the system before attempting to return marks for a class.


Overview of the Marks Return System

This page gives an overview of the three methods for returning marks to the student record system using the marks return system.

Preparation for Return

This page discusses some steps you need to complete or consider prior to performing a marks return.

Managing Returns

It is important that returns are carefully managed in the new system.  This can be done with a combination of suitable naming conventions and business processes.

Marks Return system - the two main screens

This page describes the two main screens used in the marks return system - the admin page and the class return page - and what the features and functions of those screens are.

Create a New Marks Return

This page explains how to create a new marks return.

Manually adding Marks to Marks Return

This page describes how to manually input marks and mark codes to the marks return system.

Return marks by file upload

This page describes how to return unapproved class marks to the student record system by uploading a file.

Pulling marks from the gradebook

This page describes how to pull marks from a Myplace gradebook into the new marks return system.

Resubmission and Resits

This support page describes how to manage resubmissions and resits in terms of marks return.

Empty a return

This page provides instructions for emptying a return, ie, removing all the marks from an existing return.

Batched Returns

This page sets out how to perform batched returns and the additional checks that will need to be performed in order to perform them successfully.

About Mark Codes

The use of mark codes was agreed through consultation facilitated through the Faculty Managers between August and November 2018. This article covers the reasoning behind the decision for including or not including marks along with mark codes.

Fixing an already returned student mark

How can I return Pass/Fail marks?

This page describes how to set up the gradebook to return a Pass / Fail mark to marks return while showing the students their numerical marks as usual. P/F will only show in Pegasus.

Articulation Class Marks Return

There may be some cases where marks need to be returned to an exam board in order for students from external organisations to join a University of Strathclyde programme (articulation).

This page outlines some of the key points in this scenario

Electronic Marks Return Role

EX- classcode (external study) Marks Return

There is no fundamental difference in returning a mark for a student against an EX- class code.

Electronic Marks Return Role

In order to return to these EX- classes you will need to hold the External Marks Return role on the class.