Administration of a Myplace Course

The pages here discuss tasks concerning the course itself, such as backups, rollover and student enrolment.


Back Up and Restore your Myplace Course

The pages here discuss backing up your class to your hard drive or other media, and restoring it back onto Myplace.

  • Backup a Myplace Class

    This support page describes how to download a copy of your class onto your hard drive.

  • Restore a Class

    This support page describes how to take the copy of your class from your hard drive and put it back up on Myplace.

  • Restore a Class With Collapsed Topics

    When restoring a class which utilises the Collapsed Topics plugin, an extra step must be taken to ensure the Collapsed Topics element is restored. This guide assumes you have backed up your class into a locally stored file in the .mbz format.

Rollover Explained

This article describes the annual roll over process. The Rollover process is performed each June to prepare Myplace for the up-coming academic year.

View List of Enrolled Students

This support page will explain how to find out who is enrolled on a Myplace class and what the information available means.

Find an Enrolled Student by Name

This support page describes how to use Myplace to search for a specific student.

Access and Manage Enrolment Methods

This support page describes the different enrolment methods.

Using the assignment activity to collect documents

This page will explain how to set up an assignment as an administrative tool for collecting documents from students which are not for assessment purposes (formative or summative).

Controlling Access to Content

Within a course there may be times where you wish to control which resources a student or groups of students may access.

This is achieved via Activity Completion and Restrict Access Conditions.

  • Examples of Controlling Access to Resources

    These are number of examples of how access to resources can be controlled.

    Pre-requisite Study

    This is probably the most common scenario in which there is content that the student must "complete" before they can move on to further content. 


Within Myplace there are a number of formal and informal roles that can be assigned. Myplace Roles are generally mapped to PEGASUS Responsibilities.

  • Add Formal Staff Roles to a Class

    This article refers to the adding of your own staff roles in the class catalogue within Pegasus

    Note: Role changes in the application Pegasus may take a while to be visible as changes within MyPlace due to the replication process between the two systems.

  • Add Informal Roles to a Class

    This support pages describes how to add roles to an enrolled person in order to give them access to, or additional capabilities on, your Myplace page.

  • Assigning Roles and Responsibilities

    This article refers to when you wish to make changes on behalf of other staff members to the Class Catalogue

  • Manual Student Enrolment on a Class

    In most cases student enrolments should not be manually managed. PEGASUS Class Codes or Programme Codes are preferred and will be kept in sync with the student's official curriculum.

    There are cases where it is necessary to manually enrol a student into a class:

    1. Student enrolments are being entirely manually managed (see Add Informal Roles to a Class)

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