Create a Programme Site

Programme sites allow you to create a space where all of the students registered on a particular programme of study have access.

Programme sites can either be created so that:

  • Every student in all years of the programme have access
  • Students on specific years of the programme have access

See Create a Site for information on creating a site on Myplace for other uses.



Step 1 

From the 'Help' drop down menu at the top of the page there is an option to 'Create a site'.

Step 2

To create a Programme site with all students on the programme, choose the Single Programme Site option.

To create a Programme site for a specific year of the programme, choose the Multiple Programme Year Sites option.

To create a site in a Departmental / Faculty category you have permission in, choose Other.

All staff have the access to create a 'Personal Site', sometimes referred to as a 'playground site'. You can create one to try out new features.

Step 3

You should select the category that the site will be created in. 

You will need to contact if you don't see the category you want to the site created in.

You must provide a valid Programme Code in the form 9999,9,9 and Title for the site that will be created.

If you selected the Multiple Programme Year Sites option you should tick which years you want a site created for.

Single Programme Site options

Multiple Programme Year Sites

Step 4

A confirmation for the site creation will be displayed. Click Next to actually create the site.

If any of the information is incorrect you can use the Back button to amend the information.

Step 5

You'll then get the option to create view (and edit) the course, manage users or create another site

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