Import Class Materials From an Existing Class

This support page describes how to import some or all of the class materials from an existing class, so that you can, for example, reuse materials, or combine classes.

1) From the administration block in the class you want to import materials into, click 'import'. 

Click any image below to enlarge.

2) Search for the class that has the existing content in it that you want to import from and click continue. 

3) Select the class from the list using the selection point highlighted and click 'continue'.

4) Select which elements of the class you want to import from the tick boxes and the click 'Next'. 

If you want to import the entire contents of a class, you can click 'Jump to Final Step' at this point. If you want to choose just some parts of the content of the other class, click 'Next'.

5) Untick all the sections (highlighted by a square) and/or individual items that you do not want imported. 

If you untick the section tickboxes, you do not need to untick the individual items, the import process will leave out that entire section.

Then scroll to the bottom and click 'next' 

6) You'll then come to the 'confirmation' screen which will show you exactly what you've chosen to import. If you are happy with this, scroll to the bottom and click 'Perform Import'. 

The imported material will automatically import into the same section (numerically) as it was in the previous class. So if it's in section 3, it will appear in the 3rd section of the class you are importing into.

7) On the next screen you'll see a timer bar counting down as it completes the import procedure. 

8) Click continue to return to the course.