Installing R

This set of instructions explain how to install the 'R' language on your PC. This is required before you can install and use RStudio.
Instructions on how to install RStudio can be found by clicking this link.

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1) Before installing RStudio you will need to install R. To do that go to and click the appropriate link for your operating system. 

2) Click the link that says 'install R for the first time'

3) Click the link that says 'Download R 3.6.1 for Windows'

4) Navigate to the folder which the '.exe' file has been downloaded to and double click.

5) Choose your language then click 'ok'

6) As long as you have admin permissions on your PC, click Next. If you don't then ask the PC admin to login for you. 

7) To agree to the License agreement click Next

8) Choose where you want to install it (or just leave it at the default location) then click Next

9) Choose 'No (accept defaults)' then click Next

10) Leave it at the default title of 'R' then click Next

11) If you want to use R without RStudio at some point and you want a shortcut, tick the appropriate boxes, otherwise leave the default option and click Next

12) You'll see a progress bar box appear

13) When it's finished, click Finish and you're done! R is now installed. 

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