Class Rollover Action

Please be aware, Myplace rolls over once per year in early June.

This is around the 3nd Tuesday in June.

Setting the rollover status after this time will have no effect. If you have a class you want to appear the following year, the rollover status must be set before early June 2020. 

This new functionality allows you to control the behaviour of a class in Myplace when the academic year ends and a new one begins. 

Access to this functionality can be found in the 'Quick Settings' block at the top left of each class. 

     There are 3 types of behaviour which can be set by using  Class Rollover Action.  

A class set to "Archive" will remain visible to staff and students on the current year (which will become last years tab e.g. 2017/2018) but is is not available to staff and students on the next session (e.g. 2018/19).
Generally this will be used when a class is no longer continuing in it's current form but current students may need to access it in the future for reference.

A class set to "Rollover" will be result in a 'fresh' class in the next session (e.g. 2018/19), last years class will exist on the current years session (which will become last years tab e.g. 2017/18).
This is the most setting for all 'registry' classes, this will remove all student information but leave the class content intact for the next year's enrolment of students. Students who attended this class in previous years will still be able to access their assignments (if unrestricted) in the class on the previous years tab. 

A "Move" class is copied to the next session but not reset so that all students and their contributions (assignment submissions, forum posts, etc.) are retained. The class page is only ever available on the 'latest' tab, it will not be available under any of the previous years tabs.  This setting allows for a course to run over 2 or more years with the same group of students, retaining all their information.

Step-by-step guide

To choose the appropriate behaviour for your class, follow these steps. 

  1. Click Class Rollover Action in the Quick Settings block. (Figure 1.)
  2. A lightbox will appear in the middle of the browser (Figure 2.)
  3. Select the appropriate behaviour  by clicking the relevant box and you will notice the diagram in (Figure 1.) changing to match your selection. 
  4. Click the cross in the top right corner to close the lightbox when you have made your selection.