Create a Site

This support page describes how to create a personal 'playground' site to experiment with.

You can create sites in Myplace for your own use via the Help > Create A Site option on the Myplace menu.

You should not use this process if you cannot find a class that is part of a formal programme of study, you should check with Student Business ( that is has been correctly registered and is available for the appropriate academic year. All classes with Class Codes are automatically provisioned in Myplace.

You may use the site that you create for whatever purpose you wish: trying out features, creating a shared space for colleagues, as a development space for a future class.

If you want to be able to create sites for Programmes or to create sites in department or faculty categories, please contact

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

From the 'Help' drop down menu at the top of the page there is an option to 'Create a site'.

Step 2

All staff have the access to create a 'Personal Site', sometimes referred to as a 'playground site'. 

Creating a personal site is a great way to test things out on Myplace and create activities and class structures that you want to use in future. If you get something set up just right and you don't want to have to replicate the set-up your real class, don't worry you can usually just import the content from your personal site to the class.

You may have the ability to create sites in faculty or departmental spaces. In this case the Other option is available to do this.

Click on the selector for Personal Site and click Next

The steps are the same if you can use the Other option, except you may specify which category the site is placed in.

Step 3

Give the site a title and click Next. 

If you have used the Other option, select the category for the site to live in.

Step 4

You'll see a message explaining some detail about creating a personal site. Click Next

Step 5

You'll then get the option to create view (and edit) the course, manage users or create another site

Step 6

See manual enrolments for more information about managing users.