Group self-selection

Deprecated function

This plugin has been deprecated, and we are working updated support materials for this function.

The Group self-selection tool enables you to let students sign up for groups within a class themselves.


Creating the grouping and groups

Before creating the group self-selection tool, you will need to create the grouping which will contain the groups the students will choose from.

The page below explains how to do that, keeping in mind that the groups needs to be created first, so that they can then be added to a grouping.

Manually Creating a Group and Adding it to a Grouping

Once you are done, you should have something that would look similar two this (for two groups to choose from), with the grouping called 'GROUP TEST' and the groups called 'GROUP TEST A' and 'GROUP TEST B'.

How to set up the Group self-selection tool

  1. Make sure the class is on Edit Mode, and click on 'Add an activity or resource'
  2. Click on 'Group self-selection'
  3. Choose a title for the activity, and set the grouping containing the groups to choose from in the 'Select group from grouping' drop-down menu, like below:

Note that you can limited the amount of students that can sign up to a group by specifying a number under 'Max members per group'.

Using Group Self Selection to show Students' their group members

The Group Self-Select Activity can also be used to disclose to students who else is in their group(s).

To do this you should:

  1. Set up a self-selection activity with an existing Grouping (set of groups).
  2. Set the "Open until" date & time to a point in the past. This prevents the students from changing their selection.
  3. Set the Group Mode to:
    1. Visible Groups if you want the students to see all the members of all of the groups,
    2. Separate Groups if you only want them to see the members of the groups that they are in.