Posting a Notice

This support page describes how to post an a notice to the Notices block on your Myplace class page.

Notices are the main method for sending information to classes (or groups within classes) and are displayed to students via Myplace (on their homepage and in each of the classes), in the Mobile App and delivered by email to their Strathclyde email address.

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Starting a Notice

You can post a notice in Myplace by clicking on the same green button as you would to post a notice in a class or on your home page.


Class page button to post a notice.       

Home page button to post a notice.

Choose your target audience.

If you launched the Post Notice option from within a class, it will be defaulted to the Class.

To target courses or groups

To change the target audience, click on the Choose button.

You may target:

  • whole classes
  • one or more groups within a class
  • one or more groupings within a class
  • combinations of the above

To select / deselect a target click on the checkbox to the left hand side.

You can use the > arrows to expand Classes to show the groups and groupings within that class.

To target specific users

You can also type or paste registration numbers, DS usernames, or emails separated by spaces or commas.

Email addresses, Registration numbers and DS usernames will be recognised and checked against the database of Myplace users. 

Anything which cannot be recognised as a registration number, DS username or email address will display a warning symbol, and will prevent the message from being sent until removed.

Compose your notice

In the Send Notice section of the form you will compose the message that will be sent to the students.

You may use formatting in the message, but please do not insert images as these will not always display if the students read the notice in their email clients

Add any attachments.

If you have any files you wish to be sent alongside the notice then you can use the Attachments section to upload these to Myplace.

These will be displayed in the notice when viewed in Myplce and will be emailed to students too

Most email systems will restrict the size of attachment that can be sent and received. So please do not use this for distributing large files.

Additional Notifications

The notice will be sent to all of the students in the selected audiences, however if you wish to include other roles, such as a tutors or lecturers, then you can select these roles.

Notices are always sent to the student role, you cannot remove this and only send to one of the additional roles shown here.

Copy Me In

If you wish to receive a copy of the notification tick this box

Send as Me

Normally notices will be sent from Myplace and recipients cannot reply to the email version. 

If you tick this box the notice will be sent as you and recipients will be able to reply directly to you from the email version of the notification.

Preview / Send

You can click on the Preview button to see what the notification will look like when viewed in Myplace.

Click on the Send button to submit the notice. The notice will appear straight away in Myplace and be queued for delivery via email.

Once submitted it is not possible to recall or retract the notice.