Add a Poll

This support page describes how to add a poll, or 'choice activity', to your Myplace page. Polls can also be used for nonbinding choice requests, as in the example used here.

Overview of Choice Activity

The choice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses.

Choice results may be published after students have answered, after a certain date, or not at all. Results may be published with student names or anonymously.

A choice activity may be used

  • As a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic
  • To quickly test students' understanding
  • To facilitate student decision-making, for example allowing students to vote on a direction for the course

Step-by-step guide

The below step-by-step in for the exact case when a tutor needs to record how many students would like to be in a selection of tutorial Groups (Choices) which have a limit to the room capacity. 

Please note this will not create a 'group' in Myplace. If you want to create a group automatically for use in Myplace please see Group Self Selection tool.

1) With editing turned on (for more information see article: /wiki/spaces/MS/pages/7274562 

2) Click Add an Activity or Resource

3) From the pop-up window, as shown below, Select Choice and Click Add

Click on any image below to enlarge

4) You will then taken to the settings screen for the Choice activity

5) You are required to give the activity a name and also a description 

6) Choose to allow or prevent the student to update their choice after the first choice is made

7) Choose to allow or prevent the student from making more than one choice

6) To limit the number of responses allowed (e.g. If you require the choices to be Tutorial Groups and their is a limit on                    each group based on venue capacity) Choose 'Enable' in the 'Limit the number of responses allowed' setting

7) If required, define the limit for each group.

8) You can restrict availability by setting an 'Open' and 'Until' date.

9) Then click Save and Return to Class or Save and Display.

11) You can choose to publish the results of the choices to the students:

  • At all times
  • After they have chosen
  • After the activity is closed
  • Not at all

12) You can choose to show the results anonymously or with student names. (The choice tool can be used as a poll type activity)

13) Or to add a coloumn for those unanswered.

10) Student will then have a Choice activity on the class page in which they can click and make their choice.

12) When they choose they will see which group they chose. In this case we haven't made the other replies viewable so they won't be able to see who else is in their group.

13) If more than the maximum number of students click Group B then a message will tell them it  has reached it's maximum.

Please note, this will not place students into a Myplace group. It will only create a list of students within groups that you can download and/or print as an excel sheet. See Group Self Selection for information about that activity in Myplace/Moodle.

14) When the student responses have been recorded you can view them by click on 'View 'x' responses'

15) From this view, you can download all reponses in 3 formats; ODS, Excel and text. You can also delete a choice using the tickboxes 'Choose an action' dropdown. This may be useful if you don't allow students to update their choice themselves but you need to allow one or more student an opportunity to change their choice.