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This support page describes how to add and set up a simple forum on your Myplace page where students to discuss and share ideas.

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1) In the very top 'header' section, click 'Add an activity or resource' and choose 'Forum' then click the 'Add' button. 

2) Give the Forum the name 'Icebreaker' and in the description field type, 

'This forum is used to give the students the opportunity to find out a bit more about others in the group.'

Or a similar instruction/description as suitable.

3) Choose 'Standard Forum for general use'. This forum type gives you a forum which is an open forum where anyone can start a new discussion at any time. 

There are 5 different forums types. To find out what each one of them means, click the icon. You will see the same icon placed next to many of the settings, they are always clickable and will direct you the appropriate information related to that setting.

Please note that for the Q and A Forum, the lecturer must create the first post in order for the students to do the same.

4) Click Save and return to the class. You will see the forum you just created in the header section. Click on the forum link to access it so you can post an initial message. 

5) Click 'Add a new discussion topic'

6) In the subject field type 'Introduce Yourself' or a heading, followed by instructions for your Icebreaker forum,
e.g. 'Since we all come from different background it would be really useful to introduce ourselves, please reply to this post telling us where you are from, why you are studying this subject and what you like to do in your free time.'

7) Click the 'Pinned' tickbox to pin your post to the top of the forum. 

8) Your post should appear like the image on the right with a message explaining you have a certain time to change the post if required and with the  icon to denote it's a pinned topic.

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