Posting an Advert

This support page describes how to post an advert to the Notices block on your Myplace class page.

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Step-by-step guide

1) You can post an advert in Myplace by clicking on the same green button as you would to post a notice in a class or on your home page.


Class page button to post a notice.       

Home page button to post a notice.

2) Choose advert from the type dropdown menu. 

3) Choose your target audience, as you would when posting a notice. You might have the option to send a public advert (one which targets all users of Myplace). If you request a public advert it will be sent to a moderation queue before being published. Otherwise you can choose your audience by clicking on 'Choose' and selecting which class, programme or groups within depending on the access level you currently hold. 

4) In Publication Dates you can define the Start Date and End Date. 

5) In the send notice section you can define what you want your advert to contain. Add a subject, a style, the text  for the advert title and the text for the body of the advert. The text you enter into your title will be previewed in the highlighted area. 

The advert may be resized to fit appropropriately, so please do not include substantial amounts of text in the body of the advert. You are limited to a maximum of 550 characters. Should you need to include a large amount of text, please consider placing this on a web page that is linked to the advert.

6) In the send notice section you should choose to link the advert to a URL (weblink). This means that when clicked the advert will direct the Myplace user to a webpage.

You should always link your adverts to a “more information” web page. You cannot change a Myplace advert once posted, so having a linked page that you control will allow you to change the information made available to viewers as necessary.

7) Then choose an appropriate image for your advert and the Tint Colour which will allow you to choose a colour from the defined brand colours to surround your title with. See Advert Image Specification for help with choosing and editing an image.

Adverts will be displayed either on the public front page of Myplace (if it's a public advert) or in the Notices block of the relevant class. Consequently the size will be adjusted to suit the space. The advert image will focus around the centre of the image so please keep this in mind when posting your image.

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