Myplace Support Site Style Guide

This is the style guide for the Myplace Support site.


The Myplace Suport site offers a number of different styles of page:

  • Instructional / How to guidance

  • Technical / Reference guidances



Boldis used to indicate elements that should appear on the screen, be readily identifiable or are emphasised.
Italicis used to indicate values, arguments or other user supplied values that should be entered.
Constant Widthis used to show output from commands or contents of files.

Page Styles

There are typically either reference articles or step by step guides

Reference Articles

These have no set format.

Step by Step Guides

  • These should only deal with one process. If there are related processes these should be linked to the relevant page at the appropriate stage in the process


The Myplace support site is split in to two broad areas: 

  1. Staff Support
  2. Student Support

A number of smaller ancillary areas for specific staff audiences also exist:

  • Learning Technologists
  • Library Staff

Support Page Layout

  1. All pages should use the Excerpt macro to designate a short piece of text that will be extracted and potentially presented elsewhere. This should give a clear indication as to what the page will cover. This also prevents inappropriate content to be presented in these contexts.
  2. All pages should use a Table of Contents macro after the Excerpt. If there is only 1 section of content that matches the title of the page the table of contents can be omitted.
  3. Where steps are sequential each step should be numbered, rather than bulleted. This allows each step to be individually referenced in previous or following steps.
  4. Where the instructions are alternatives they should be bulleted.
  5. If you wish to include rich content in the numbered item you should combine the list with a Section macro:

  6. Heading levels should be used appropriate.

    1. The Top level of headings should be Heading 1.
    2. Each further sub-heading should increase the heading level.
  7. Page Layout should be used to chunk pages up: