Grade Visibility Gradebook

This support page describes how to control the visibility of a grade item in the class gradebook.

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1) If it's an assignment grade you are working with make sure that the grade appears in the 'final grade' column. If it doesn't appear there it will not appear in the gradebook.

2) If it's a quiz grade you are working with you can only control Quiz grade visibility from the quiz settings in the main class page or the Gradebook Settings page in the Quick Settings block.

There is an issue affecting the Quick Settings block, please use the gradebook controls (See Step 4)

Please note that the function of the switch on the left side 'Grade Book Visibility' is to make the 'grades' link visible to students. If this is not available the student may still be able to see grades by accessing the class activity (e.g. assignment or quiz) but they will not be able to view their Grade 'User Report'

controls visibility of

 Quick Settings Not Available at present

3) Generally the best place to manage grade visibility otherwise is in Gradebook Setup. Which you can access through the link on the administration block.

4) From the gradebook setup you can hide or show entire categories (e.g. GV1, Summative, Formative) Assignments (e.g. Mind Genius Assignment Excel Basics Assignment) Grade Items (e.g. Example Grade Item) and Category totals (e.g. Summative total) as well as any other gradeable activity except Quiz. 

Grade items are items you can add to the gradebook that aren't connected to any activity in the Myplace class. Say for example you had a classroom based paper test but you wanted to display the grade in Myplace. See for more information about this.

5) To show this item (which is currently hidden) click on the edit menu next to the item and click show. 

6) You will then see that the item appears in darker font and if you click the edit menu you will have the option to hide rather than show.

Occasionally this switch will appear to show that the item is showing, when it isn't showing in the Gradebook (checking method below). In this case, hide the item then show the item and it will make the grade visibility a variation on 'turn it off then on again'.

7) To double check you can go to the Grader Report (often referred to as 'the gradebook) 

8) The item name and the grade itself will appear in darker font if it's visible or lighter font (e.g. Excel Basics Assignment) is it is still hidden.