Reveal Student Identities

This support page describes how to reveal student identities in anonymous marking.

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1) Click on your assignment which has anonymous marking enabled.

2) Then click on 'View all submissions'

Notice that the grades appear in the 'Grade' column but not the 'Final grade' column. This means that regardless of whether the assignment or the grade item are hidden or visible, the grade has not been entered into the gradebook.
If the grade is not in the gradebook the student will not be able to see it anywhere (in neither assignment or gradebook). 

3) After your grading is complete and you want the students to be able to see their grades, choose 'reveal student identities' from the 'Grading action' dropdown menu. 

Be aware that reveal student identities is not reversible. It is still possible to rehide the grade, but you cannot make the student identities anonymous anymore. So it's quite important you do not choose that option until you are happy that all grading is done, if it requires to be marked blind.  You will see a warning to this effect on the following page;

4) Click continue when you are ready to do so.

5) Now you will be able to see the student identities and the grade will appear in the final column. 

6) This doesn't necessarily mean the student can see the grade yet. The visibility can still be hidden in the Gradebook setup.