Recalculating Late Submission Penalties

Occasionally you may need to ask Myplace to recalculate the Late Penalty that is being applied to a submission. This article shows you how to do this.Typically you may want to recalculate the penalties if you have made changes to any of the activities due dates, or granted an extension to a student that was not in response to a student extension request.


1. Go into the Assignment Grading table

  1. Go into an Assignment activity
  2. Click on the View All Submissions button.

2. Identify the submissions to recalculate

At the left had side of each submission is a tick box, check the box next to all of the submissions that you wish to recalculate.

You can use the Late Submission columns  and the Final Grade (if blind marking has been released) to determine what penalty has currently been calculated.

There are 2 Late Submissions columns on this table. The first displays the currently incurred penalty, the second displays the applied penalty.

You can click on the magnifying glass icon to see a breakdown of the penalty.

CLick on the Back button to return.

3. Start off the process

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the grading table
  2. There is a drop down menu labelled With Selected...
  3. One of the options on the drop down menu is Recalculate Penalties. Select this option.
  4. Click on the OK button when asked to confirm the action.


4. Wait for recalculation to complete

The recalculation process for each of the selected submissions will run the background, and at present there is no indicator that this is taking place.

The process may take upto a minute to begin and may take a number of minutes to complete.

You will not see any difference immediately.

If after a number of minutes (5 - 10) you do not see a change in the Late Penalty applied