Extension Requests

This page discusses how the extension request function will work. This feature is new to Myplace for academic year 2019/20.

Covid 19 Coronavirus

There is now an option to request an extension for reasons related to Covid 19 Coronavirus measures currently in place.


How will it work?

It allows students to make an extension request through Myplace. 

For Group Submission Assignments, and individual from within the group may make a request, but a manual group override for the granted dates must be set against the group in the assignment.

At the moment this is not applied against Group Submission requests.

This image to the right is what students will see when filling in the extension request form.

Note it is possible to append faculty-specific information to the initial text.  Please contact the Myplace team if you would like to use this facility.

Once a student has submitted a request, staff will be notified via an email which will provide links to access the request form.  The section below explains who will get the notification emails.

The student's extension request will be displayed.  Fill out the form and click save.  Students will be notified of the outcome by Myplace notice (and therefore also by email) and by push notification in the Strathclyde Mobile App if they have it and are logged in.

If the reason is related to the current Covid 19 Coronavirus measures, it will be specified like so.

You cannot make a decision on an extension request you have raised yourself!

It is understood that staff may wish to 'have a go' with the extension request system in their playground site or elsewhere.  However, you cannot make a decision on an extension request you have raised yourself.  In this situation, we would suggest that you enrol a colleague in your class who can make a submission for you to practice on.

Who will get the notification emails?

The default position is that any staff with the following roles on a Myplace class will get the notifications:

  • Class Administrator
  • Lecturer
  • Owner

There are two further options for configuring the routing of the notifications, which can be implemented at a Faculty or Department/School level, by contacting Myplace Support.  The options are:

  • Provide an email address (or addresses) to which the notifications can be routed
  • Restrict the notifications to different or fewer Myplace roles

Who can approve the request?

The default position is that any staff with the following roles on a Myplace class are able to approve an extension request:

  • Class Administrator
  • Lecturer
  • Owner

Alternatively, individuals the Extensions Approver role can be allocated to individuals of a faculty or department/School's choice.  The allocation and management of this role is explained further in the Extension Management Administration page.

Extension Request Report

From the course administration tab select 'Reports' then 'Extension Requests'

You will then be shown the extension requests for that class. You can also select to 'view user report' to see other late submissions by that student.

Disabling the Extension Request Function

For new assignments:

When configuring a new assignment, there will be a section in the settings where a checkbox can be selected to disable student extensions

For previously created assignments:

Turn editing on then select the 'edit' button beside the assignment and then 'edit settings'. Then go to the section for extension request policy where a checkbox can be selected to disable student extensions. 

Retrospectively Granting Extensions (or Granting Extensions for Students who haven't Requested)

For Group Submission Assignments an "extension" must be actioned by creating a Group Override for the group the requester is a member of.

Once created, the "Recalculate Late Penalties" action should be done against all members of the group.

1) Click on the relevant assignment 

2) Select the extension request heading in the administration tab

3) Click the staff extension button

4) You will be taken to page to input the extension request details.

First chose which student you want it to apply to

5) Then select an extension date and reason if you want. This will be displayed to the student. 

6) Save the extension