Recording Exam Marks in Myplace

This page describes how to add a grade item to the gradebook; a grade item is the recommended method for recording exam marks.


Recording exam marks in Myplace

Assessments that are submitted or performed outside of Myplace can be represented in Myplace in one of two ways:

  • a grade item which can hold marks only
  • an offline assignment which can hold marks and feedback

It is understood that most departments/Schools return only general feedback to students on exams - in line with the minimum requirements of the University's Assessment and Feedback Policy - in which case a grade item should be sufficient to store exam marks.  If personalised feedback is to be given on exam performance, the use of an offline assignment to store marks along with the feedback would be advised.

Visibility of Exam Marks

Exam marks must not be visible to students before their class has been published in Pegasus.

Before uploading marks to the grade item in Myplace, you must hide the grade item.  See the section Before Uploading Exam Marks on this page.

Adding a grade item

Step 1 - Go to the gradebook.

In the Administration block, click ‘Gradebook setup’ to go to the gradebook.

Step 2 - At the bottom, click the ‘Add grade item’ button.

The Grade item form will open.

Step 3 - Fill in the form.

Here you can name the grade item for your convenience, define whether it is a value with maximum and minimum grades, a scale and what kind of scale, or a text value. You can also hide the grade from the student (see controlling student access to grades) or lock it to prevent it being updated by some Myplace activity.

Step 4 - Define the category.

Below that, you can define the category you want the grade item to reside in. It can be moved later if you prefer.

Before Uploading Exam Marks

Step 1 - Go to Gradebook Setup

In the Administration block on the left of your screen, select Gradebook setup.

Step 2 - Hide the Grade Item

Uploading marks

Please see this page: Bulk Upload of Marks to Grade Items

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