Offline Assignment

This article explains how to set up the assignment activity in Myplace for coursework which is submitted (or presented) outside Myplace, so that you can provide marks and feedback but not accept submissions.

Specifically, this article will touch upon:

Assignment Settings

Note that below are shown only the settings that enable offline submissions, however other settings might also be relevant to your situation, e.g. group assignment settings. If you are setting up a Group Assignment, please ensure that you have created your groups before setting up the offline submission link on MyPlace. There are instructions to help you create groups manually or automatically. In the instructions below, steps that are unique for group assignments are marked with a *) (optional)

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1) With editing turned on, you can click Add an Activity or Resource on the page and choose Assignment activity from the list.

2) In the General category, enter the Assignment name and its Description. These are critical components to offline submissions as they enable students to view in advance that submissions for this activity should be made in-person. As with an online assignment, you can add any relevant Files

3) In the Availability category, ensure that the Allow submissions from and the Cut-off date sections are not enabled.

Note: You are still required to indicate the Due date, as this will enable automatic notifications to be send to students, as well as the assignment to appear in student calendars.

Similarly, to add reminders for grading submissions, you can enable the Remind me to grade by section and indicate a relevant date.

4) In the Submission category, ensure that all Submission types are not enabled.

5) In the Feedback types category, ensure that you have indicated the relevant feedback types for this activity. The assessment for offline submissions can be done though Feedback comments, Offline grading worksheet and Feedback files.

6) In the Submission settings category, ensure that you have indicated No to the Require students to click the submit button. Also, indicate at Attempts reopened - Never.

7) From the Grade > Grade Category section, select the relevant option that best describes this activity for the grade book. Alternatively, you can move the assignment into the correct category later.

*) (optional) Group Assignment Submission Settings

With your groups set prior to starting the assignment set-up, in the Group Submission Settings, indicate that students will submit in groups by choosing Yes from the drop-down menu in the Student Submit in Groups button.

8) Click Save and return to class or Save and display (at the bottom of the screen) to save the settings and go back to the class or display the assignment, respectively.

From a course administrator/tutor perspective, the assignment section will look the same as for any other assignment activity, however for students, the assignment page will display the following message: 'This assignment does not require you to submit anything online'.