Late Submissions

This page discusses the tool for applying late submission penalties automatically in Myplace assignments and how staff can disable it if needed. This feature is new to Myplace for academic year 2019/20 and only applies to the assignment activity.


Penalties & "Failing" grades

If a student receives a grade that fails to reach the minimum pass grade for the activity, and they are also late, the penalty will not be applied. See Policy & Procedure on Late Submission of Coursework, section 4.4.2

What does it do?

It automatically applies a penalty to late submissions in line with University policies. Staff can then decide whether to apply it or not when grading.

The image to the left is what students will see in their assignments submission screen.

This shows what student will see after a late submission, telling them the provisional penalty.

Late Submission Report

It is also possible for staff to view all the late submissions a student has made across all their classes, if the assessment is represented by a Myplace assignment.

The goal of this report is to allow staff from any class/department/School to see if a student seems to be showing a pattern of late submissions across their curriculum.

From the course administration tab select 'Reports' then 'Late Submissions'.

You will then be shown the late submissions for that class.

A student's name can be selected to view a summary of their late submissions for all their classes.  Grace period applications can also be revoked here.

Removing a late submission penalty for a single student

To remove a late submission penalty for a single student, you must retrospectively grant them an extension for the piece of work.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Extension Requests article.

Removing a late submission penalty for a group assignment

Where an assignment is a group submission you cannot use the individual extension option to make them "not late", you must use the Group Override function.

  1. Access the assignment
  2. Access the Group Override page
  3. Add an override that amends the due date for the group so they will no longer be counted as "late" (this would typically be 1minute after the submission time shown)
  4. Save the override
  5. Identify the students in the group and trigger a late penalty recalculation.

Disabling the Late Submission Function for all students in the class

For new assignments:

When configuring a new assignment, there will be a section in the settings where a checkbox can be selected to disable the late submission penalty function. 

For previously created assignments:

Turn editing on then select the 'edit' button beside the assignment and then 'edit settings'. Then go to the section for late submission policy where a checkbox can be selected to disable the late submission penalty function. 

Changing Grades of penalised submssions

It may be necessary to change the original grade of submission that has had a late submission penalty already applied.

Due to the way that penalties are applied (by way of an override to the grade) you must first remove the overridden / penalised grade before you can re-grade the submission.

To to this access the grading screen for the submission and click on the 'Remove Penalty Override' button.

Clicking on Remove Penalty Override does not stop the student incurring a penalty.

It only allows you to unlock the grade so that it can be changed.

If you need to stop the student receiving a late penalty you must grant them an extension or override that means their submission is not late.

You should be returned back to the grading screen with the option to grade the submission available again.

Re-grade the submission appropriately and click on the "Save" button.

The penalty will be re-calculated based on the active due date, override and extension details for the submission and applied to the grade entered.