Granting Bulk Extensions

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to grant a large number of extension at once. This article will guide you through this process.

This process is not appropriate if the assignment is a group submission activity. Extensions granted to individuals in a group submission activity are not observed. In this case the group overrides function should be used to give the whole group a different due date.


1) Access the assignment you want to grant the extensions on

2) Click on View All Submissions button

3) Ensure that all of the submissions you wish to give the extension to are visible.

4) Select all of the submissions using the checkbox in the header row

5) Scroll to the bottom of the grading table to the With Selected... menu and select the Grant extension option and click Go

6) A confirmation will appear, select OK.

7) A dialog listing (some) of the participants selected will appear.

8) Set the appropriate extension date and time and click on Save changes

If the due date has elapsed then you will have to ask Myplace to recalculate any late penalties that may have been determined.

In this case follow Steps 9 onwards, otherwise the process is complete.

9) As in Step 4 ensure all of the submissions are selected, and this time select the Recalculate Penalties option and click on the Go button.

A confirmation will appear again, click Yes.

10) The selected submissions will be queued, and you will be returned to the list of submissions and confirmation should be displayed at top of the page.

Penalties are recalculated in the background and currently no status is displayed.

Typically it will take between 5 and 15 minutes for a recalculation task to be completed, depending on the number of submissions being re-checked.