Common Quiz Questions

This is a set of commonly asked quiz questions.

Can I edit Quiz Questions that have been answered in a quiz?

There are cases when you may discover that a question in a quiz that has been answered isn't correct!

Most users will go and edit the question so that the answers are correct, and then typically do a re-grade.

Here's some guidance from Tim Hunt (maintainer of the Quiz Component in Moodle) that is worth knowing:

  • Doing a regrade after changing the number of answers in a multiple choice question (i.e. from single answer to multiple answers) will delete the responses to the multiple choice question.
    (Afterall if there are now more than 1 answer, how could you know what the student would have chosen if they'd known about it at the time).
  • Changing the question value (maximum mark / marked out of) is completely safe. It does not even require a regrade. The scores are re-calculated immediately (see Common Quiz Questions#How can I exclude a question from quiz below)
  • Changing some elements of a question, e.g. the grade of each choice in a multiple choice test, or correcting a typo in the question text, is safe, but does require a regrade.
  • Changing the type of a question: don't do that.

How can I exclude a question from quiz

Sometimes you may decide that question in a quiz should no longer be counted. This may be due to it being very badly wrong, or any other reason.

You can discount the marks awarded for this question by setting the the Maximum Mark for the question to 0 on the Questions page (the link can be found under the Administrative panel):

Questions link under Administrative panel

WHere to change mark for a question on the Questions page

How can I embargo quiz grades until a certain date?

If you want to allow students to do a quiz, but not see their grade until a specified date you can do this by setting the following options in the quiz's settings:

  1. Timing / Close the quizSet to the Deadline for quiz submission
  2. Review Options / During the attempt, Immediately after the attempt, Later when the quiz is still open: Uncheck Marks
  3. Review Options / After the quiz is closedCheck marks
  4. Restrict AccessCreate a Date restriction: (Until (deadline set in 1) OR (date grades to be visible from))

Once the embargo date elapses, you must then change the Review options to release the appropriate values. Typically these will be:

  • Attempt (if you wish the students to see their own answers)
  • Marks

How can I reset a Quiz Attempt for a Student?

There are 2 options, you can:

  1. delete the students existing attempt.
  2. grant the student a further attempt on the quiz.

Deleting a quiz attempt

This will completely remove all data relating to the selected attempt, and it cannot be restored.

  1. Access the Quiz Grades Report
  2. Select the student attempt (note they could have multiple attempts), using the checkbox on the left:
  3. Then click on the "Delete selected attempts" button to remove this whole attempt.
  4. A confirmation pop up will appear:
  5. Clicking on "Yes" will remove the atttempt, and the student will be able to re-do the quiz (up to the number of attempts permitted).

Granting a Further Attempt

Granting extra attempts will allow the student do the quiz again, whilst maintaining their previous attempt.

  1. Under the Quiz's admin settings click on the "User Overrides" option:
  2. Click on the "Add user override" button:
  3. The Override form will be displayed:
  4. Under "Override user" enter the name or email address of the student, and the click on the relevant user to select them:
  5. For "Attempts allowed" set the value to the total number attempts allowed. For example this should be set to 2 if the user has already had 1 attempt.
  6. You can override other quiz settings for the user as necessary.
  7. Click on the "Save" button to add the override.

Can I shuffle some questions within a quiz?

Yes,using the shuffle option will shuffle questions within a quiz:

You can add a section heading to pages and this will enable a shuffle option for that section.

If a section heading is added (in this case Essay Questions below) you can shuffle the questions that precede/follow the heading:

In the example above, only the questions before the Essay Questions section will be shuffled. The remaining essay questions would be presented in the order listed.