Quiz Question Types

Quick description of the various question types on Moodle. Links to Moodle documentation have been provided for further assistance.

Question TypeDescriptionMoodle Documentation Link
True / False 
Multiple choiceMore info
NumericalMore info
Short answer
  • Students type short answer and will receive marks depending on whether it matches the listed acceptable answers written by the tutor
More Info
Calculated (simple)
  • Allows calculated questions which substitute random values into the question’s equation
  • Step by step walk through here
  • Other versions:
    • Calculated complex – more in depth control
    • Calculated multiple choice
More info
StackMore Info
  • The only question type not marked automatically. Long form answers

More Info

Drag and drop into text
  • Drag correct text answer(s) into a sentence
  • Other versions:
    • Drag and drop onto marker 
    • Drag onto image
More Info
Missing words
  • Sentences with drop down selection of words for missing word
More Info
  • Not assessed, just a way to present extra information to students