Creating Quiz Questions

When creating a quiz it is important to remember there are two main parts; creating the quiz ‘front cover’ and the questions themselves – which are stored in the question bank. This article will show you how to create categories in the question bank (to keep it more organised) and some broad instructions for creating questions.

We recommend Creating a Quiz first then proceeding with these instructions.


Creating Categories

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1) Create a category for the questions you will be creating by selecting 'question bank' and then 'categories'

2) You will then be taken to the  add a category page. Type a name (and description if necessary) for this category of questions and click add category.

Creating Questions

1) Create a question by selecting  the drop down for ‘question bank’ and then select ‘questions’

2) On the next page select the ‘create a new question’ button

3) Select the question type you want, a short description of each is provided. For more information on each type click here

4) For all question types you can select which category you want the question to be added to in the question bank

5) You can then enter a question name, this will not be shown to students but should help identify the question for you. 

6) Enter the question text to describe it for students

7) You should also be sure to give a grade for the correct answer. Further instructions on creating specific type of questions can be found here.

8) Once a question has been created, you can preview it by selecting the magnifying glass, The other symbols are for copying, deleting, editing and changing labels on questions.