Quiz - Allowing Students extra time or more attempts

This support page describes how to override the quiz settings for specific members of the class. It is possible to do things like set a password, change the open and close times of the quiz, extend the time limit, or change the number of attempts for particular class members.

User and Group overrides can also be applied to assignments. For more information on this see Additional Requirement Adjustments

1) Open the Quiz on the Class page 

2) Then click User Overrides in the Administration Block at the left-hand side     of the page under Quiz Administration.

Click on any image below to enlarge

3) On the next screen, click Add user override

4) Select the user(s) you want to create an override by using the search box and highlighting          the users below.

5) You can the following settings:

  • Set a password
  • Overriding open quiz, and close quiz times 
  • Overriding time limit 
  • Number of attempts allowed

If you have a group of people with the same override conditions, it may be faster to create a group in the class and do a group override instead which follows much the same process as individual override.

6) When you are finished hit save and return to class.