Set Up a Resubmission or Resit Assignment

This support page describes how to create and configure an assignment for resubmission or resit in such a way that students who do not need it will not see it on their Myplace pages.

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1) First create the Assignment and 'Resbumission Assignment' 

2) Edit the settings on the Resubmission point.

3) Expand the 'Restrict access' setting and click 'Add restriction...'

4) From the pop-up menu choose 'Grade'


  • Choose Assignment 1 (or whatever your original assignment is named). 
  • Then tick the box to enable "must be <". 
  • In this case I have set the access to resubmission point to be restricted only to students who score less than 40 points for Assignment 1
  • Then by clicking the  symbol, you can choose whether the re-submission point appears to the students who do not have access (i.e. those who passed the original assignment) or whether it's completely invisible to them. 
  • = visible = invisible

6) Click Save and Return to class

7) If you want to review this 'as a student' then follow the instructions on the 'Student Perspective' support page

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