Assignment Turnitin Settings

This support page describes how to configure an assignment so that it uses the turnitin plagiarism detection software correctly.

Description of all the Turnitin Settings

Enable Turnitin - This is the first option which must be switched to YES if you wish to have Turnitin enabled for your new assignment. Note: The default setting on existing assignments (13-14) for Turnitin is set toNO and there are no settings pre-set. It is recommended that you check all of the Turnitin settings below and choose how you wish to use the Turnitin Service on your assignment carefully.

Display Originality Reports to Students - Allows you to display Turnitin originality reports to student users. If set to YES the originality reports generated by Turnitin are available for the student to view.

When should the file be submitted to Turnitin? - This setting is set to 'Submit file when first uploaded' and cannot be changed at the current time. 

Allow submission of any file type - This setting will allow any file type to be submitted. With this option set to YES, submissions will be checked for originality where possible, submissions will be available for download and GradeMark feedback tools will be available where possible. 

See Turnitin Acceptable File Types for a full list of the types of file that can be checked.

Store Student Papers 

  • Standard Repository - will store all papers submitted to this assignment to the Turnitin database, meaning that any if it is submitted anywhere else using the Turnitin Plagiarism service (including external institutions) it will present as a positive text match
  • No Repository - will not store any papers submitted, meaning they could be submitted elsewhere with no positive match

Check against the internet - Checks against Internet sources

Check against Journals, Periodicals and Publications - Checks against Journals etc.

Report Generation Speed - 3 options on this setting which control the originality report generation

  • Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are not allowed)
  • Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date)
  • Generate reports on due date (resubmissions are allowed until due date)

    If 'Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date)' is selected please note that the first report will return within a few minutes, for all subsequent submissions the minimum turnaround time is 24 hours - See : Student: Turnitin Originality Reports - Turnaround Time for further information.

Exclude Bibliography - Option to skip Bibliography (Usually very similar Bibliography causes a high score and should be excluded) 

Exclude Quoted Material - As above, recommended to exclude as many quotes have been used multiple times in papers

Exclude Small Matches - Exclude key words and key phrases

Attach a rubric to this assignment - Add a Turnitin-Grademark based rubric (as opposed to a Myplace based rubric). See Using Turnitin Rubrics for further information. Please note that Grademark is a 3rd party plugin integrated into Myplace (based on Moodle platform). The information in Using Turnitin Rubrics can vary in accuracy depending on how it's used within our integration. If you are unsure, please contact the Myplace Support team via or the Turnitin Help Centre.

Anonymous Marking - This setting enables anonymous marking whereby the students are granted a participant number and their identities are only known once grading has been completed.