eFirst Report

This reports supports the eFirst Committee reporting style. This provides an overview of the faculty levels of extension requests, broken down by the different request status (Total, Granted, Cancelled, Rejected, No Decision).

This report is likely to be superseded by Learning Analytics Insights reporting in the future.


Users must hold the assignsubmission/strathfm:viewinstitutionreports  capability at the site level.

If you feel you should have access to this report contact Myplace Support


Via Category Management

If you have the ability to manage categories or courses within a category you can access the category management page.

You should find the "Category Extensions Report" under the Category Administration menu.

From within Myplace Sites

The eFirst Report can also be access by authorised users via the Class Administration menu, under Reports > Institution Extension Reports.

Image showing Class Administration menu and location of eFirst Report option

Tabular data that supports the graph can be accessed below by clicking on the "Show Chart Data" link: