Manually Creating a Group and Adding it to a Grouping

This support page describes how to create a group manually, add the students you want to it and include it in a 'set of groups', or 'grouping'.

You should almost always create a grouping to collect a set of related groups together. Students can be members of multiple groups for different purposes, and a grouping allows you to specify the groups for a specific purpose. This also allows you to re-use groups & their memberships for additional purposes.

1) Click the 'Create group' button in Administration> Course administration > Users > Groups

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2) Add a group name and (optional) description (displayed above the list of group members on the participants page), enrolment key and picture (displayed on the participants page and next to forum posts)

3) Click the 'Save changes' button

4) Select the group to which you want to add participants, then click the 'Add/remove users' button

5) In the "Potential members" list, select the users you want to add to the group. Multiple users may be selected using the Crtl key.

6) Click the Add button to add the users to the group

7) Click 'Back to groups'

8) Click on the Groupings tab

9) Click on the 'Show groups in grouping' icon

10) Click on the groups you want to add and click the 'add' button