Managing a Peer Assessment activity

Staff View

Once you have created a peer assessment activity, you can access the staff view.

Students get a different view, and you can look at the page for an overview of what they see.

The Staff view displays all of the groups within the grouping you set up, their details and status.

  • # of members shows the number of students in the group

  • # peer grades shows the number of grades that have been lodge

  • Status will depend on different actions that students have taken. It may display who was the first to submit, or if the grades have been released. It will depend on the state of the group and the activity.

The Grade column allows staff to award a grade to the group, and the cog menu displays an Edit and EXport option.

Clicking on the display group name in the Group column will display the details of that group’s submissions.

Group Details

During Submission

Whilst the students are still able to make their submissions, the detail page allows staff to monitor that group’s progress.

Under Peer submission and grades you can see what submissions have been made and what grades have been awarded to different criteria.

Tutor Grading allows the awarding of a grade to the students, but until all submissions are made this should normally be left alone.


Unlike the original Peer Assessment activity, which simply reported on the awarded values from within the activity, the PeerWork Peer Assessment activity calculates a grade for each student in each group basedbased on their relative contribution score calculated from the peer grades, their calculated grade “based on the group grade and the relative contribution score, any penalty applied for non-completion of the peer work grading, and each student’s final weighted grade” (from Moodle Peerwork Support page).

Grades are calculated via plugins, and at present only the WebPA calculator is available.