Add Informal Roles to a Class

This support pages describes how to add roles to an enrolled person in order to give them access to, or additional capabilities on, your Myplace page.

This article refers to Enrolling of users in an informal way (on-the-fly) to your class.

Typically, Formal Roles in Class Catalogue Classes are added via Pegasus

  • Staff Roles are added using the "Manage my responsibilities" link in the Pegasus Administration console.
  • Student Roles are added from the students registered classes within Pegasus.  

For more information on the formal roles, See article: Class Setup: Enrolments - Adding Staff Roles in Pegasus

Step-by-step guide: Informal Roles on your Class

1. In the Administration block (always on the left-hand side of your page) within your class, click Users then click Enrolled Users.

2. On the Enrolled Users page Click on the Enrol Users button and then search for the user.

If no results appear there is a chance that the user is already enrolled in the class, and you may be just add a role to their existing enrolment

3.The enrol users screen will pop-up. It is best to use the following procedure so as to ensure the participants has the correctly assigned role, the correct participant is selected and to have confirmation of the process. All highlighted sections are shown in the screen below in Point 6

    • Search for a particular user on MyPlace via the Search function
    • Click on their name to add them to the list of Selected Users that will be enrolled.
    • Select the assigned role via the Assign Roles drop-down menu for your participant (e.g. Student, Non-editing Tutor, Class Administrator etc.)
    • Click Finish Enrolling Users to confirm selection of users.

4. Once users have been enrolled you may add further roles to their enrolment.

Click on the Pencil icon following the list of assigned roles

5. Select the additional roles you wish to add to the user's enrolment, and then click on the Disk icon above to save the changes