Taking a Screenshot/Snip

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1) Click the search icon next to the start button and search for Snipping Tool. Then click on the Snipping Tool application to open it

2) The application appear on your screen as a small rectangle like this 

Click the small down arrow next to 'New' as shown in the image on the right and make sure that 'Rectangle Snip' is chosen. 

3) When you are ready to create your 'Snip' click 'New' and you will see your screen colours fade as if they are behind a slightly cloudy filter. 

4) Place your cursor at the top left of the area you want to capture, click the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the bottom right until you have revealed the section you want to capture (you will see the colours brighten in this section) 

5) Then let go of the left mouse button and you will see the section you have highlighted has been snipped into an image ready to be saved. 

Click the  button to save this image as a file. 

6) A browser will open, give it an appropriate name save it somewhere you will be able to locate it later.