Understanding MyPlace Icons

Most common icons

Within your class pages - you will see the following icons (these are the most commonly used).


This symbol is the most common you will come across throughout Myplace. It is to show that an assignment needs to be submitted as part of your coursework. Any document can be uploaded to submit an assignment however always be aware of deadlines that tutor's place up. Some classes require assignments to be put through Turnitin. Turnitin is a system that will scan the document and produce an originality grade which will need to be handed in with the assignment. This shows that the work that you have produced is all yours and not copyrighted.

Tutorial Sign-Up

Tutorials throughout university are compulsory classes that must be attended. In order to make sure you have signed up for the right classes look out for the symbol. Your tutor will advise what tutorials to sign up for and when they are  available.


Forums are a great way to communicate with other students and staff. If you have a problem with anything on your course, it is the place to ask for advice or see the thoughts of your fellow students.


This type of assessment is sat on Myplace directly. It involves answering questions related to your course under certain time limits and time frames. Make sure your aware of when a quiz becomes open and when the deadline to close is. 

NB: Some quizzes have to be done on the university campus.

Web Link

This is an external link that will take you to a third party site which could be a newspaper article or textbook link. Please be aware that some links appear in new tabs or new windows.


Folders are created to store various files within them. Most classes use folders to provide all the class handbooks and information within, making them easier to find.

Link to PowerPoint

This is a basic link that will take you to a MS Office- PowerPoint link. Lecture slides can come in this format or Adobe Reader format.

Link to Adobe Reader

This is a basic link that will take you to an Adobe Reader Link. Lecture slides can come in this format or PowerPoint format.

Class Feedback

This symbol is mostly used at the end of a class for you to give your feedback on how you found the class and your opinion on the module.