I've received a TurnitinUK Paper View Request


As an instructor on a class you may receive emails from Turnitin with the subject "TurnitinUK Paper View Request". This outlines what this is and what you can and should do in response.

You do not have to respond to the request to see the matched content, and there is no obligation to share it.


Most student submissions made to Myplace will be submitted to Turnitin as part of the University's plagiarism detection process, and similarly at other institutions. 

When part of a submission at another institution, matches with a submission made from Strathclyde, the some of the match information is shared via the Turnitin UI with the staff.

They may choose to request a full copy of the matched submission made at Strathclyde, and in these cases you will receive a Turnitin UK Paper View Request.

All "teaching" staff on a course will receive a copy of this request if it is made, so you should coordinate with any other staff as necessary

The email should have the title TurnitinUK paper View Request, and the body text will look something along the lines of :

Dear Strathclyde Instructor,

TurnitinUK is forwarding this request on behalf of Course at Remote Institution Course, an instructor at Remote Institution. This instructor requests your permission to view the paper, "filename of Strathclyde submission", submitted to your Course Submitted to At Strathclyde class at University of Strathclyde on date of submission to Strathclyde.

This instructor has found a Originality Score Percentage% match to this paper in a paper submitted to his or her Course at Remote Institution class.

If you choose to grant permission to the instructor to view the paper, simply reply to this email. Please confirm the text of the student's paper is displayed in your reply email. By replying to this email, you will be sending an email (including the text of your student's paper) to the requesting instructor, Course at Remote Institution Course.

The text of the paper previously submitted to your class is included below. Please remove any identifying student information in the text below to respect the privacy of your student prior to sending.

Thank you for using TurnitinUK


The TurnitinUK Team

After the details of the match, a plain text version of the student submission is reproduced.

Responses to request


You do not have to respond to the request to see the matched content, and there is no obligation to share it.

Releasing the match

You may wish to release the match to the requesting instructor, it is up to you. In cases where the Originality Score is very high (indicating a high probability that the submission may have been shared or copied from some shared source) it may be helpful to the remote instructor to see the whole file.

If you do decide to release the matching Strathclyde submission you must be aware of data protection and confidentiality / commercial implications that may exist:

  • Any personally identifiable information must be removed from the plain text reproduction in the email
  • Any information that could be viewed as confidential must be removed.
  • Any information that may be commercially sensitive or restricted in any form must be removed.

If you cannot implement such redactions then you should ignore the request.

To release the match simply reply to the email, and apply the redactions to the plain text reproduction.

Ensure that there is only one copy of the student's submission in the email!

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