How do I create a Myplace site for a specialty cohort of students?

I want to set up a Myplace site for a specific group of students, for a particular learning activity.  Can I do that?  How?

If you are a staff member, you can create a site for specific group of students to support, outside a standard module or programme site.
There will be an additional administrative load for your area to manage the student cohort enrolment and access to the site.    For a standard module site, this is managed automatically by Myplace, but for a specialty use site , it needs to be managed manually.  If student numbers are small, this is usually quite manageable.  If student numbers are large, you may want to think carefully about the purpose of the site and how it is going to be managed.
To create the site, follow the standard instructions to create a site.  Further relevant information about managing the specialty cohort of students for a site is available here:  (this is written for Programme sites, but the process will be similar).

David would like to set up a Myplace page for students of Japanese and German who spend a compulsory / non credit-bearing year abroad between third year and Honours.  This would provide a means for David to support the students while they are on their year abroad, and give them an ongoing link to the University.  The cohort of students won't be enrolled in an specific modules while they're away, although they remain enrolled in there programme.  The site will not be linked to a specific class code.