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  • To see the class, including activities, from the point of view of a student.
  • In effect to 'become' a student in your class.
  • This can be used

    This support page describes how to view your class page as it appears to a student, to confirm that the settings

    you use

    in place have the effect you're hoping for.


    Click on any image below to enlarge

    1) From the administration block in any class click on Users>Enrolled users

    2) Give yourself (test firefox 5) the student role by clicking on the  icon.










    3) Then type student into the searchbox, click on the word student that appears below and finally click the  icon.



    When you have the student role it will appear above your name like this.

    4) Back in the main class page when you want to check the main class page, gradebook or some activity you can now 'switch role' to student and you will see the class as the students see it. When you want to go back to your usual role, just click 'Return to my normal role' from the same menu which can be accessed by clicking your name in the top right hand corner. (see image on the right of this section)


    5) If you want to login as a student and a staff member at the same time, you can do this. Just open a 'New Private Window' if using Firefox or 'Incognito Window' if you are using Google Chrome. 

    This will allow you change the settings as an editing staff member and view the resulting effect on the student perspective. 


    Please note, for changes to take effect, you will have to refresh your 'student' browser. One way of doing this is pushing the Ctrl and F5 key at the same time, for a Windows PC.

     Google Chrome                                                         Mozilla Firefox



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