How to Access The Science Faculty Studio @ GH909

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Enter Graham Hills via the Richmond Street entrance. 

Head into the lift immediately opposite the Richmond Street entrance. There are also stairs to you left near the lift if you prefer to use them. There will be signage instructing you on the restrictions for each route. 

Head up to floor 8

There will be signage on the floor regarding people waiting for the lift.

When you exit the lift you'll see this door, walk toward this door and then turn right and proceed down the corridor

Keeping to the left, walk through the following set of doors.

Walk through the next set of doors

Then walk through a 3rd set of doors and look up

You should see the following sign 'Innovation in Autism'. Do not continue through the doors marked 'Biomedical Engineering' 
At the 'Innovation in Autism' sign turn right then look right again and you'll see the door to the studio. 

There is a combination lock on the door, but this will be left unlocked for your arrival.

Head up the stairs

Head through the door at the top of the stairs

Turn right and head through the first door on the right side. Do not enter the door on the left. 

The door is marked GH 909

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