Turnitin 'Checking' Submission Points

This support page describes how to configure turnitin so that it can be used as a checking tool as well as a plagiarism detection tool.

Turnitin is a web-based service that integrates into Myplace assignments when enabled. It's availability as a tool is limited to staff members of an appropriate institution. Students cannot use Turnitin or its plagiarism checking functionality unless an assignment has been set up by a lecturer in a Myplace class page.

Staff are able to make submission points for the sole purpose of plagiarism checking. This can be done by adding an assignment with Turnitin enabled. Students can then 'submit' an assignment and an originality report will be generated. 

If the intention is to give the students the ability to check work that will later be submitted to another Turnitin enabled assignment point, the Turnitin setting 'Store Student Papers' should be set to 'No Repository'. This means that the submission will not be saved in Turnitin's database preventing a positive match when later submitted as an actual assignment document.

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A staff member cannot submit on behalf of someone else, as each Turnitin user must accept Turnitin's End User Agreement, and must also tick the University of Strathclyde submission statement to agree that the submission is all their own work and may be subject to plagiarism checking.

Staff can set up a playground Myplace class page specifically if they want to have an area for this function and enrol any staff member or student informally.