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Table of Contents

What is Myplace?

Myplace is University of Strathclyde's Virtual Learning Environment. Originally a single Moodle-based service, officially called "classes.myplace", the Myplace family now offers a number of different instances, for different audiences.

Table of Content Zone

Classes is the original "Myplace", this service supports the majority of Strathclyde University's Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Courses, as well as numerous staff & student orientated modules from professional service departments.

The CPD instance of Myplace exists to support the University's delivery of non-degree bearing or paid-for modules, that are not accredited. These can be CPD modules offered by departments. End-users of the CPD service are expected to be loosely associated with the University, in that they typically do not have a persistent record of engagement (i.e. formal student record) and may be intermittent users of a service. 

End-users self-register with this instance.

The FlexEd instance will support students undertaking periods of study that are not associated with a formal programme of study, such as a degree programme, but may contribute towards on-going record of study.


The cpd.myplace and flexed.myplace services are likely to converge in the future, to provide one single platform for students on non-degree/CPD/CLL style learning.

The corp.myplace service supports programmes that are highly programme-led. This service reduces the number of presentation and configuration options available to programmes, to focus on a tightly-integrated, programme focused learning experience.