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This page provides information on how to manage the administration of Extension Requests.

It covers the roles and capabilties and users can be allocated these features.


Table of Contents

If you have any questions regarding the Administration of Extension Requests and Myplace, please contact



To allow the local administration of extension requests 2 Myplace roles exist: Extensions Manager and Extensions Approver


By default Lecturers, Class Organisers and Class Administrators will receive notifications of extension requests and can action them similar to the Extension Approver role. However this may be disabled based on local departmental practices. See Example Configurations for known local practices.

Extensions Manager

This role allows holders to assign other Extension Managers and, more importantly, assign Extension Approvers.

The assignment of other users into these roles is via the Assign Roles option on the Myplace Category Management page.


There should be at least one user (typically a departmental / faculty administrator) who will hold this role, and they may create others to spread the load. 

Extensions Approver

This role affords the capabilities to:

  • Receive a notification of an extension request (providing these have not been routed to an alternative email address)
  • View extension request details
  • Make a decision on an extension request.

Assigning Extension Managers

Extension Managers should be defined on Myplace categories for Faculties and Departments, and they are able to manage the holders of this role and the Extension Approvers role for that category and all categories below it.

Step 1 - Access the Course & Categories Management Page

You will need to access the Course and Category management page on Myplace:

Step 2 - Access Assign Roles screen

Next access the Assign Roles screen by clicking on the Gear icon and selecting Assign Roles from the sub-menu.

This will display the Assign Roles in Category screen

Step 3 - Select the Role you wish to assign

The Assign Roles in Category screen will display a list of roles that you are able to assign.

Click on the Extensions Manager role to assign users to it

Step 4 - Assign users to the selected role

On the Assign Role screen, you can both assign and unassign users from the role.

To grant a user the role:

  1. Search for the user on the Potential Users side
  2. Click on the user you wish to assign
  3. Click on the Add button

To remove the role from a users

  1. Select the user from the Existing Users list
  2. Click on the Remove button

Once you have finished assigning / unassigning users you may simple leave the page via any of the links.

The Assign another role and Back to the list of roles options at the bottom of the allow you to jump straight to another role to assign users or return to the previous page (the list of roles).


You may wish to use the Assign another role and jump to the Extension Approver role if the user you have added will also be making extension request decisions as the Extension Manager role does not grant these capabilties.

Assigning Extension Approvers

To assign an Extension Approver follow the steps for Assigning Extension Manager (above) but choose Extension Approver as the role.

Tailoring the Extension Request Process

The Extensions process in Myplace can be tailored in a number of ways:

  1. Instead of the default extension management users (Class Admin, Lecturer, Owner) roles receiving notifications, notifications can be routed to an email address (or addresses).
  2. The Information presented to students can be tailored in 2 places at a Myplace category level
    • Additional information can be added to the Extension Information section
    • Additional contact information can be added to the Further Information section.

The Additional Information (2) will be displayed on the Extension Request form for every class in the category and it's sub-categories, but may be overridden in sub-categories.

To set up any of these facilities you will need to contact Myplace Support via

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