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This article will show you how to create a multiple choice question.

For more in depth instructions see here.


Table of Contents

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Step 1 - Open the question bank

Create a question by selecting  the drop down for ‘question bank’ and then select ‘questions’


Step 2 - Create a new question

On the next page select the ‘create a new question’ button

Step 3


- Choose multiple choice

Select 'multiple choice' from the list then click 'Add'

Step 4


- Select a category

Select which category you want the question to be added to in the question bank

Step 5


- Name the question

Enter a question name, this will not be shown to students but should help identify the question for you

Step 6


- Enter the question text

Step 7


- Select the default mark


This sets the maximum marks mark for this question).


Step 8 - Set the number of answers

Select if you want there to be one or more correct answers


Step 9 - Enter the right and wrong answers

Enter your answers in the 'choice' sections

10) Select percentage the choices

Step 10 - Set the values of the answers

Select the percentage that each choice will be worth.

It is possible to set negative percentages to penalise incorrect answers, which is important as if you enter 50% for two correct answers and 'none' for two incorrect answers, students could select all answers and get all the marks. The grades must also add up to 100%

Step 11


- Add Feedback

You can add feedback under each choice as well to help students understand where they went wrong or why they were correct.

Step 12

- Save

Click save changes to add the question to category

13) You

Step 13 - Review

You will then be displayed with your question and other questions in that category. You can click the magnifying glass icon Preview to preview the question or the cog Edit to further edit it

14) For information on adding questions to your quiz see the 'Adding Questions To Your Quiz' section of Creating Quiz Questions

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